Data Protection

BACK 01-11-2017

Data Protection: ICO registration and fees are changing

With the implementation of the new data protection rules on 25 May 2018, small businesses are likely to see an increase in the £35 data protection fee currently paid to the ICO. Businesses (who are most likely to be data controllers) will remain liable to pay the ICO a data protection fee. The ICO has indicated that the fees will fund their data protection work.

It’s unclear at this stage what the fees will be. The ICO and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport are in consultation on this issue. Whatever they suggest, the final fees will be approved by Parliament.

The ICO are determined to ensure fair fees reflect the risk level associated with an organisation’s processing of personal data. So it seems their approach will be to base the fees on an organisation’s size and the amount of processing that they do. We currently have no information on exemptions that may apply under the new system.  

The ICO have stated that the new system will go live from 1 April 2018. Until then you should continue to notify and pay the ICO fees or renewal fees as usual.