Compliance Scheme For Fammability Of Upholstered Furniture

BACK 16-01-2018

Compliance scheme for flammability of upholstered furniture

The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) has announced it is to launch a new Compliance Scheme for the Fire Performance of Upholstered Furniture in mid-January 2018.

The scheme aims to ensure that manufacturers, retailers, upholsterers and other suppliers of upholstered furniture can demonstrate that they are able to comply with the requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended.

Compliance with the scheme will be measured during an annual independent audit during which certain criteria on process management, control of materials, traceability, compliance testing, labelling and crisis management must be met.

Following successful completion of the audit, a business will then be classed as a “certified company”.

The scheme is voluntary but compliance with the regulations is required by law. The scheme is open to manufacturers, retailers and upholsterers of all sizes which work with upholstered furniture and are committed to ongoing compliance with the UK Regulations on flammability.

Typical upholstered furniture products that are covered by the scheme include chairs, sofas, stools, floor and scatter cushions, as well as the materials and upholstery itself which may be sold separately or applied to these types of products as a form of replacement or recovering.

Scaled down models of upholstered furniture, such as children’s chairs, sofas or stools, are also covered under the scheme.

FIRA was established over 65 years ago for the furniture industry, by the industry. It provides technical support within the furniture supply chain and funds projects for the benefit of the furniture industry.

Further information is available on the FIRA website.