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Furniture Manufacturing Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan


We need your support for the approval of the updated Furniture Manufacturing Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan 

The Government is keen that more high quality apprenticeships are created to meet the needs of employers and apprentices, and help drive up growth and productivity across the economy. This survey invites you to comment on new draft apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plan submitted this month by our Trailblazer employer group, before a decision is made on whether to approve them for further development and delivery.


How you can help

Your feedback will enhance the development of Standards submitted by our Trailblazers and help ensure that new apprenticeships are viable, high quality, and widely supported.


The survey seeks your views on:


  •  Whether each draft Standard fully covers the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for full competence in the relevant occupation;
  •  Whether the length and skill level of each draft Standard is substantive enough for the relevant occupation;


Assessment Plan:

  •  How the apprentice is assessed
  •   Who will carry out the assessment
  •  Quality assurance arrangements


Direct Link to the surveys:


The survey will close on 12th February 2016