Our Service to You

Giving customers a great service is at the heart of everything we do. You can expect an excellent service from us no matter if it’s face to face, on our website, by post or over the phone.


Our fully trained and professional staff are here to help you. All training staff have achieved nationally recognised qualifications at an advanced level alongside many years of trade experience in their relevant vocational areas. Training staff also hold the relevant teaching qualifications to deliver engaging and up to date training both in the workshop and in the classroom. Staff are competent and have a great deal of experience assisting learners overcome challenging situations both in company and during their off the job training.

WEBS work with both large and small employers to help them develop their skilled workforce as well as assisting in the recruitment of their staff. Our testimonials speak for themselves in how we can help your business grow.

The furniture manufacturing sector has an ageing population and it is important that skills are developed to meet those lost through replacement demand. Delivering a responsive service is seen as the key to successful employer engagement.

Employers are playing an increasingly central role both in articulating their workforce needs and skills gaps and in the design and delivery of apprenticeship standards. Employers want critical thinkers who can deal with complexity, work collaboratively and make an impact in their organisations - employability is as much about transferable skills acquired by apprentices and employees as any specific knowledge.

That is why WEBS has enhanced the features of its curriculum by building on our existing approach to employer engagement making it more coherent; developing a deeper understanding of the concerns of employers, their needs and delivering flexible solutions that benefit all parties and which will contribute towards economic development and widening participation.

WEBS will continue to encourage close liaison with employers of all sizes and  through all levels of staff contact in order to maintain the currency of the curriculum we deliver and to ensure that apprentices are well prepared to work to industry standards in their chosen vocational area.

Close links have and will continue to be developed with employers to ensure apprentices have the technical knowledge, understanding, underpinning skills and attitudes and behaviours needed in the workplace. WEBS believe it is crucial that employers are encouraged & supported to invest in developing their workforce to improve productivity and together we will develop shared visons of what success looks like.