7 Steps to Avoiding an Auto Enrolment Headache

BACK 10-06-2016

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7 Steps to Avoiding an Auto Enrolment Headache

1.    Understand the whole auto enrolment process from start to finish
2.    Clarify what you need to do, when you’ll need to do it and what help is out there
3.    Gain you all the information you need so you can make informed, confident decisions

  •  summary of the TPR guides
  • practical tips & hints
  • reference materials and useful websites to visit
  • jargon guides

4.    Learn how to prepare for the costs of Auto Enrolment
5.    Explore ways to offset the costs of auto enrolment by reducing other business expenses
6.    Decide between a workplace pension and an auto enrolment solution
7.    Have your questions answered by workplace pensions experts

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