Inclusion & Support

WEBS is committed to promoting and valuing equality and diversity in all of our activities.


We welcome and celebrate the diversity of the communities in which we serve and are strongly committed to achieving equal opportunities and access for all people and groups in society.

Inclusion is an ongoing process that celebrates that diversity and involves the identification and minimising of barriers to learning and participation that may be experienced by any apprentice or prospective apprentice irrespective of age, ability, gender, ethnicity, language and social background, and the maximising of resources to reduce these barriers.

WEBS are proud of the actions we take to try and eliminate or minimise barriers to ensure inclusion and engagement for all the young people who train with us or wish to use our services. This includes ensuring the availability of a range of services and support aids to meet the needs of apprentices, and potential apprentices, who have a learning difficulty and/or a disability that may affect their ability to access provision.

WEBS aims to provide an inclusive learning environment that recognises learning needs/ disability and its impact on the way people learn. Inclusive learning is based on providing the best match or fit between a learner’s needs and the learning opportunities provided.

WEBS staff play an important role in helping to create a stimulating, safe and structured environment in which our apprentices can realise their potential.

All apprentices are entitled to study and progress in an environment where they:

  • are fully respected
  • feel welcomed
  • are treated fairly
  • have equality of opportunity for learning and training
  • are in a safe, non-threatening environment


Support for care leavers


The government understands that care leavers can face additional financial barriers to undertaking an apprenticeship and as a result introduced a £1,000 bursary to apprentices aged 16-24 who have been in the care of their Local Authority, to help ensure they are able to access apprenticeships.