WEBS wishes to create an entitlement for apprentices to progress to the next level of their journey.


This could be to an apprenticeship course at a higher level or it could be about sustaining their current roll to build and further develop their skills before progressing to a higher level or a higher role within the workplace.

This entitlement will be set within the expectations that learners meet:

  • Good attendance and punctuality;
  • Good levels of behaviour;
  • Successful completion of their current learning programme including an appropriate level of functional skills.

Learners will be recommended to progress by their training officer having taken into account their progress and liaison with the Head of Programme Management, and be made a conditional offer based on the criteria above in discussion with their employer.


Intermediate Apprenticeship Progression to Advanced Level


An apprentice who successfully completes their intermediate apprenticeship is entitled to progress to an advanced level apprenticeship where:

  • The learner meets the expectations set out in the entitlement above
  • It meets the business needs and the employer agrees
  • There is an appropriate framework/standard to progress


Or to progress to another apprenticeship of the same level where their job role may have changed or they require to develop new and extended skills to be able to complete their job role.