Apprentice Code of Conduct

As a WEBS Training Apprentice/Learner, I agree to abide by the Learner Code of Conduct at all times.


This includes:

  • arrive at work and training on time and stay until the agreed finishing time.
  • be punctual to all lessons.
  • contact WEBS and my employer if I am unable to attend work/training.
  • be responsible for my own safety and observe my responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work etc, Act 1974 including wearing the required PPE for appropriate tasks.
  • not attend work or training under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • be respectful and professional towards all fellow learners, WEBS and work colleagues and managers and not use inappropriate language that may cause harm or offence to others.
  • show respects for others views, show tolerance toward others and not discriminate against others because of their gender, religion, race, etc.
  • listen and follow instructions, and carry out all training and learning as agreed.
  • follow the work place policy on mobile phone use and, eating and drinking in classrooms.
  • share any concerns I have about my work or training with my employer, tutor or the WEBS Safeguarding Officer so that these can be resolved.
  • undertake to report any circumstances or situations which may cause harm to myself or others.
  • make a positive commitment and contribution to my own learning and development.
  • contribute and take an active role in reviews, feedback, and the use of the reflective diary.
  • keep my work area tidy and clean up after myself at the end of the day.