What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprentices undertaking Business Administration apprenticeships describe what an apprenticeship means to them.


“I would recommend an apprenticeship because it has given me the opportunity to build my confidence as I receive support from both my workplace and WEBS. I feel that apprenticeships are flexible with customisation as it can be tailored to your needs and the company needs. It is a great training programme for people who want to learn and earn at the same time. WEBS provide support and assistance whenever I feel I need an extra helping hand.”

Megan – Business Administration Level 2 (Fairgrove Homes)


“My name is Joe and I am currently on a Business Admin apprenticeship with WEBS Training Ltd. I work at Daro Soft Furnishings in Ilkeston. Working as an apprentice has allowed me to progress towards a qualification by learning in a friendly and supportive environment. Being able to choose modules catered to your workplace gives you freedom and flexibility whilst being part of a great learning environment.”

Joe - Business Administration Level 2 (Daro Soft Furnishings)


“I would recommend others to do an apprenticeship as it has given me the opportunity to learn and gain hands on experience whilst also being able to earn. WEBS came in and mapped my qualification to the needs of my role.”

Charmaine – Business Administration Level 3 (Lievens Furniture Ltd)


“Doing an apprenticeship is an amazing way to get hands on experience in your desired job role while earning and training at the same time. It has given me a chance to learn new skills with WEBS matching the work to suit both me and my company. They have been extremely supportive throughout my apprenticeship allowing me to grow and progress through my course.

Amy - Business Administration Level 2  (Belfield Furnishings)


  • “It is a good opportunity to learn whilst getting paid.
  • They are a good way to get into work and progress onto a career.
  • Paid to learn whilst attending WEBS.
  • You can develop good relationships with colleagues especially in small companies like mine.
  • The course work/qualification is suited to my needs and the role in the company I am doing.
  • Sociable working hours”

Holly - Business Administration Level 2 (Farmwood Timber POrodcuts)


“Apprenticeships are a great introduction to work as it gives you the knowhow and valuable hands on experience while learning and earning at the same time.”

Josh - Business Administration Level 2 (Lineside)


“My name is Piper, I am doing a level 2 business administration apprenticeship at WEBS Training. Apprenticeships are a good career path as it allows young people who struggle to learn in a class room environment to learn by experience. Also WEBS identify what you do in your role and base your units around that.”

Piper - Business Administration Level 2 (Leisure Furnishings Ltd)