Short Courses

WEBS Training are pleased to offer a range of short courses with our expert trainers for all of the practical modules we deliver at our premises in Beeston, Nottingham.


Courses can cover such things as:

  • Health & Safety - PUWER
  • Installing Units
  • Material/Handtool/powertool sessions
  • Cutting and installing worktops
  • Specialist training in upholstery, cutting and sewing
  • Functional skills in Literacy and Numeracy


In addition each month WEBS offer a structured 2 day training session on set wood machines including Dim Saw; Cross Cut; Bandsaw; Spindle Moulder; Overhead Router and 4 sided Moulder. These will be advertised regularly through our facebook page and highlighted in our company newsletter.


Wood machine training & assessment


Did you know there are legal requirements for training?

The HSE have identified that around two-thirds of all accidents occur on just three types of machine:

  • circular saws
  • vertical spindle moulders
  • surface planers

Poor supervision and inadequate training are two of the main causes of accidents.

Employers have a legal obligation to protect themselves and their workers when using machinery or equipment. The law, as set out in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 focus not only on equipment but also on the knowledge, training and experience of the user.

Some people believe that it is only big businesses and large organisations that the PUWER regulations apply to, but this is incorrect. Anyone who uses or controls work equipment, whether they are working for a huge well-known corporation or they are self-employed, has a legal responsibility the follow the regulations.

Training can be in-house, as long as you have competent staff to provide it. It can also be external or a combination of both. It must cover the type of machine and work the operator will be expected to do. This is important if the operator works on more than one machine.


Refresher training


The HSE recommend that machine operators, people who assist in the machine process and people who set, clean and maintain machines should receive refresher training every three to five years depending upon the frequency and nature of the job role. Woodmachine refresher training is required:-

  • for operators who ’stand-in‘ occasionally for the regular operator - at least every three years
  • for someone coming back to a machine they have not used for a while
  • when the system of work changes
  • when new controls have been fitted
  • when new machines or equipment have been brought in
  • after an incident or near miss to show how the incident can be avoided in future
  • after any change in legislation or new guidance


Duration of training/refresher Training

The training of employees is assessed individually taking account of age, qualifications and experience, adapted to suit the needs of the employer and wood machine operator.


What next..?


To discuss your training requirements and for more information on costings, duration and possible delivery location. contact James Woolley at or call Jim on tel: 0115 967 7771 or 07824444101